Monday, March 4, 2013

Am I the poor man's Kevin Smith?

Am I the Poor Man's Kevin Smith?

Over this past weekend, I attended a surprise Birthday party and I sat and mingled with a diverse group of people. Fellow actors, office people, spouses, editors and just random people, all walks of life. Interestingly enough, it was held at the Red Bank Elks Lodge...yep...2 blocks down from the Secret Stash.

The Secret Stash is the comic book shop that is showcased on the AMC show, Comic Book Men. It's been featured in Kevin Smith's ViewAskew Universe on film, talked about on his podcast network (Smod Co) and flocked too by the masses of Smith's nerds. The "Stash" is full of movie memorabilia; it's a shrine to films that spawned from the Independents. Kevin Smith has lead the way and made being a nerd least for me. Plus, you have to hand it to him, the guy takes care of his friends and shows loyalty...a RARE thing.

Anyways...back to the story...

So, someone says "congrats on your short film, heard great things." I've never been good with compliments...ever. I'm always sort of embarrassed but extremely thankful that someone is actually thinking a positive about me...especially since from my view point, I'm really struggling to make headway. I hardly ever see the positives...I always want to be better. Then they ask "so, what's next...?"

I'm gonna put a pause here...because in my head..there is a pause..

I start to tell the table about my plans, because by now...everyone is kind of staring at me. They are waiting for my response. I talk about my next short film titled "baggage", plus the idea of shooting a short comedy film. Then I mention the web series I'm in the middle of developing, that will start rolling in the summer..(here's a tidbit - it will be about film..not a review show, but insight and how to's). I talk about how I love to write and I'm working on a book...I talk about podcasting...and by this time, I feel like..."who is still listening?"

All of a sudden...I hear this "You're like the poor man's Kevin Smith", for those that know me, I'm a huge Kevin Smith fan..if anything, the dude is my idol. So, I sit for a second, kind of shake it off and say "nah, he's got a lot going for him...I'm just a small town guy." Dinner continues and I don't think back about the comment and enjoy the baked ziti and grub the cake. 

My Wife, Kim, on the ride home notices I'm quiet and asks where am I. I just answer that I'm thinking ahead for this week's premier of No Clowning Around at Monster-Mania. I express that this is a make or break weekend for me. I know I'm new to the film making game but I feel like I'm carrying a lot of pressure. She then says "You're gonna be great." I love how she gives me the extra confidence and pushes me to better. 

Poor man's Kevin Smith or not...this coming weekend, I push and work harder than I ever have. I look at this as the greatest opportunity I've ever had. I have to take the bull by the horns and make it matter. I want you to leave Monster-Mania, having an amazing weekend...but in the back of your mind..I hope there is a glimmer that creates an awareness that I am out there...trying to make good.

No Clowning Around plays at 1pm on Saturday, March 9th. The screening will be in Grand Ballroom C and a short Q&A will follow.

Special thanks to my Wife for always having my back and pushing me to be better and to the Monster-Mania Con promoter, Dave Hagan for believing in me and teaching me the most valuable lesson I've been taught yet..."Believe in yourself...or you can't expect anyone else too"

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