Monday, February 4, 2013

XOC - Round Two?

Extreme Odd Couple Podcast
Round Two?

Well, for the last four months the airwaves have been quiet, the white flags were raised and things seemed to have ceased. For 50 episodes Steve Corino and Rob Dimension did their best to entertain anyone who would listen. The Extreme Odd Couple Podcast was a hit, having nearly 25,000 listeners per week and both Steve and Rob felt the time was over, so they packed up their microphones, their hatred and sarcasm and went silent on Nov 16th of last year.

Many people asked "When will you guys return?". Corino and Dimension would simply respond with "It's over". Too be honest, the duo stopped talking, the friendship ceased and the twitter war was over...until NOW. A spark was lit and an idea was hatched. Corino had this to say "We need seasons like any kind of show. I want to break the show into seasons, meaning we will record Twenty episodes, then take a six to eight week break. Just like Baseball, we need time to refresh and live for more stories." Dimension added "It's tough to stay fresh, especially when we talk everyday. You run out of things to talk about and the last thing we want is for the show to be blah."

When we last left the guys, Dimension and Corino's lives had changed. Dimension released his first film and walked away from Pro Wrestling forever. Corino moved away from Rob and is about to make a lifestyle change, he will become married! If there was ever a point in these guys lives where they were complete opposites, it's NOW.

What can we expect? Probably a lot of insults, a few life lessons and a lot of laughs. Corino and Dimension announced that end of March, beginning of May will be the start of Season 2 of the XOC. You wanted the return...we can only hope, you're ready.

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