Monday, February 4, 2013

Warm Bodies - The Perfect Date Movie

Warm Bodies - The Perfect Date Movie

This weekend, I made my way to the movies to catch the zombie love story,"Warm Bodies". Now, Warm Bodies has peeked the interest of some, yet received the typical net hatred based on the idea that we are dealing with another "Twilight-esque" film that will rape our beloved Zombie genre forever!!!

Ok, let's be serious...the Zombie genre has had a lot of bad, bad films with only a select few that have risen to the top. As I write this, the Godfather of Zombies, George A Romero celebrates his birthday today, and even he has stated that zombies need something different. Zombies have never been more popular because of the hit TV series "The Walking Dead" on AMC, which comes back off hiatus this coming Sunday. I think Warm Bodies fills a void that needed to be filled. 

The film is fun, doesn't take it's self serious at all and is the perfect date movie that reminded me of the movies I went too as a young lad, back in the mid 80's. You can go in with an open mind, relax and now get a love story with the addition of ZOMBIES!!! OMG, yes!! 

I'm not going to spoil the movie or give an in-depth review...there are enough of those everywhere else. What I will say, it's a modern twist on Romeo and Juliet. I also feel it has a few messages that you can see through-out the film; People can change and also, we need to re-connect with each other as humans. We've become so caught up in the digital age that we can't enjoy the simple things. Is it a social commentary?'s fun...plain and simple. 

My recommendation - grab a date, enjoy the movie for what it is and stop being so over-analyzing everything and enjoy the night.  

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