Thursday, February 21, 2013

TvLand kicks it to the Curb

TvLand kicks it to the Curb

This past weekend, TvLand started to run the Larry David sitcom show, Curb Your Enthusiasm. For me, it's crazy that after 8 seasons, this show will grab an entire new audience. Those that loved Seinfeld, will love this show too.

Being a Seinfeld fanatic, once HBO originally announced Curb, being helmed by Seinfeld creator Larry David, it was a must watch for me. On Seinfeld, the character George Costanza was written around Larry David, even though the show itself was a basis of some of David's real life escapades and adventures.   

Curb Your Enthusiasm is part sitcom, part improv and part sheer craziness. The Larry David character has no filter, can't let things go and has a constant problem with being in the middle of a bad situation. I guess the genius of the show is it's not that far from reality. We all hate lending items out, we tend to lack social skills and we all handle things badly at times...well, that's what is typically premise for each 30 minute episode. From have a "Pants Tent", that your Wife's best friend thinks is a boner to a reunion of sorts for the cast of Seinfeld. Larry takes in a family misplaced from Katrina, his marriage to Cheryl has ups and downs and his professional life meet issues with his manager, Jeff, his wife Susie, his friends and his celebrity run ins are always awesome.

Now, with that being said, this show will not cater to everyone. Yes, plus being on TvLand, the show at times, is edited but nothing that you can't look past. For me, it's still funny and to relive the series makes late night battles with insomnia, not so bad. The show is on most last nights (set your dvr) usually 11pm or later, but it's well worth a watch. 

The show is currently on hiatus from it's new season, scheduled to be rumored for a shooting start in the Fall. The seasons are all available to purchase for usually around $20-$25 and have a high re-watchability. So, if you're watching late at night, make sure you tweet to @TvLand and Me and use the hashtag #CurbYourEnthusiasm and let's talk!

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