Saturday, February 2, 2013

Success vs The Not

Success vs The Unsuccessful

I came across this chart/poster that inspired me to write. I often wonder what to classify myself as; since I write almost daily, we will stick with writer. Lately I have been working on my future...when I say that, I mean what will this year hold? Sure, across the last few months I've written out goals for this year but sometimes, things happen and they change the path you follow.

Now, looking at this chart, I can only speak for myself. I can look at both sides and say to myself "I want to be successful". What does that mean? Success can have countless meanings...if you follow this blog, I've written a lot of positives that I've come across. I've shared my personal life on my podcasts and interviews. I sometimes think it's a challenge to get better, so if I put it out there, I now have to work harder to be better. I've never been one to sit and whine about what I should be getting, I just continue forward, work harder and believe in myself.

I've been fortunate, I've been a published writer, online and in magazine print. I've performed on television live and in front of over 10,000 people (and kept my cool). I've developed a podcast following, from both the Extreme Odd Couple Podcast and now Monster-Mania Radio, plus recently, I've written, starred and produced my own film. Were any of things handed to me? Nope...and that's what makes me the happiest. The difference is, Am I satisfied? Nope.

   When looking at the chart, some, including myself have said I'm a little of both. I can agree with that. Let's see what I feel I work the hardest at : Giving Gratitude - I always am thankful for opportunities. Giving Credit - look at any of my articles or even this site, I also am the first to say, I had help and who helped me. Talk about Ideas - constantly, I even have a list of ideas in my phone. I am always thinking of something new and working things out. Share Info and Data - yep, can't tell you how many times I helped people start their own podcasts. Why would I not? Want Others to Succeed - Yepper - look at all my reviews..I share constantly and have no problem with it. As for film making as an example, the battle isn't about each other, we are all in the battle to get Independents more recognition. Accept Responsibility for My Failures - I sure do! Blaming others will get you no where fast. It's the truth. Accept it for what it is..and move on. Our show Late Night at the Horror Hotel failed due to poor planning, poor choices and it can sit on my shoulders. I'm accepting of that. Forgive Others - this is a tough one, as everyone wants to hold a grudge. I can say this - if you burn the bridge between us, my decision making about things having you involved will be different for the future. I've given people plenty of second me gullible. Most times, I just move forward and worry about me...but it can be hard at times.

Now, what do I need to work harder on? Fly by the Seat of my Pants - hahaha...who hasn't? I think as I've gotten older, I strive to put plans into motion but I think sometimes, it just happens. Watch TV Everyday - No doubt about it...I am a TV junkie. I watch a lot of movies...but, honestly, in a lot of instances, I am trying to learn. I look for new camera angles, the use of shadow, how people edit, placement of shot or even how one movie pulls me in more than another. 

Someone had mentioned - Keeping a Journal - well, I consider this blog as my journal. I often write about a thought, an inspiration, reviews, personal experiences or whatever. Also, I podcast...this is where I have shared everything with complete strangers. The nearly 30,000 listeners that I can't thank enough, get to hear me talk about Horror, my life, share times with my best friend and even my own failures. I have no problem with passing along info. I've gotten emails from people that have said "Rob, your talks about marriage helped saved my own marriage". Or even people asking for advice. My response is simple "Be the best you can be...believe in yourself." I didn't help save anything..YOU helped save it..if you didn't want it saved, it wouldn't have been. 

I encourage people to look at the chart, don't focus on one or two specifics...focus on the general idea of being a better person. 

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