Friday, February 15, 2013

Loving to Hate Valentine Bliss

Loving to Hate Valentine Bliss

Ah yes, blissfully in love, it's a swell time in anyone's life. Sadly, for some, reading through the endless pages of "I have the greatest_______" just seems like too much to bare. Cupid shot his little arrow and missed you angry little rump, making you an angry, bitter, little trolling turd who hates on all things LOVE!!! Ok, maybe that's a little over the edge. Let's take a look at my little observation yesterday :

The longer I am a part of the Social Media explosion the more I realize people have trouble deciding what the want. I can't tell you how many times I've seen this post:

"If you don't like what I post, get off my page!!"

Sound familiar? You bet it does. Facebook has made it socially acceptable to feel what you post on your page is YOUR "freedom of speech". (insert the Anthem...break out the salute) Your page is your place to write whatever you want!! You can steal all the jokes and make your friends think you're super witty, right? Well, hold back waving the flag there GI No....not just yet. Since your page allows you to post what you want...why would someone else need to silence their love, belief in their spouse or even plans for the night? Really, who gives a shit?

Do some people go overboard? Sure! Is Valentines Day a commercial excuse to spend money, show love and care for your fellow human? Yep, especially since you shouldn't need a holiday to tell someone you care.  Ok, I know...but you say "But Rob, they are flashing their happiness in my face and making me sick!!" Settle down little's ok.

Some food for thought, before you go spouting off about someone else posting on their wall, remember this -

- You can Delete/Unfriend them
- You don't have to read it
- You can go be happy or sit and wallow in your own bullshit

 You want to piss and moan, do it on your own page. Stop being a miserable prick, if no one else will call you on your bullshit, I will. Go get a significant other, stop excuses and be happy. Other people can be happy. At the end of the day, no one's life is great, we are all suffering....some just choose to suffer less.

Good Day Sir.

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  1. Great post Rob! and I agree you see both sides of the spectrum; the class of in love and the class of hating the word. For a long time I was listed in the class of hating the word. as time grew on, I let go of it a bit. My share of heartache goes back to the old saying "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" and that's exactly what it means to me now. Would I like to experience REAL LOVE and share a Valentine with a special someone? Absolutely! it's all about patience! I am not looking because when I least expect it? It will come. Great post Rob!