Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Baggage gets a Director!

Baggage Gets A Director

Rob Dimension has been tight lipped about his second short film, but we have some scoop as of today. First, the short film is titled "baggage" and from what we have been told "deals with the real life possibilities". 

Dimension had this to say "No Clowning Around was a gritty, depressing story. It was shot with the idea of actually seeing the depression. We used color as the film progressed to bring that mood  forward. This time around, I wanted to go to the complete opposite end of the spectrum and create something that is beautiful horror. I was able to obtain a director that I have been a fan of for years."

Jeremiah Kipp is now attached as the director of Baggage! Kipp, who is currently attached to the popular web series "In Fear Of" and also, notably the short film "Crestfallen" has agreed to helm the director's chair. 

Dimension had this too add "Having been a fan of Jeremiah for a few years now, this is an honor for him to be a part of this. I was able to show him the script and he immediately signed on. I couldn't be happier. He clearly has amazing vision for film and I can't wait to get started."

Jeremiah was kind enough to shed more light on the project "BAGGAGE immediately captured my interest as a beautiful and macabre tale of a man haunted by desire.  It’s got the feverish melancholy intensity of an Edgar Allan Poe story, but told in a modern and transgressive way.  Every image should resonate with the beauty of a painting, but one where if you look at it too closely, you realize you’re caught up in the swirls of a nightmare."

Keep in mind, from what we have been told, Kipp and Dimension will be working on promotion for this starting in April, with a summer shoot. Details say that the film will be ready for an Oct release, just in time for Halloween. Dimension also stated "this time around, people can be more involved...details soon".

To take a look at Jeremiah Kipp's work, visit his site http://kippfilms.com/main.html

Also, to see more about Dimension, visit www.RobDimension.com and www.YouveBeenRobbedFilms.com 

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