Thursday, January 3, 2013

Read My Script?

Read My Script?

First, let me say this "I'm just a depressed nerd, who watches a lot of movies". With that being said, I hope that takes my credibility away from people asking me to read their scripts, treatments or ideas. As of late, a lot of people have been asking me to read or give my impressions about their ideas, but, I just can't...let me explain.

I can only speak from my own personal journey - From writing out story-lines in pro wrestling, to working as a writer on my own TV show to, most recently, writing my own film...I sat and wrote and shared with no one until I was ready. I often have no rhyme or reason in writing, nor am I a professional in any way. As I write, I might run a few jokes or ideas past my wife but she typically will just listen, nod and go with the flow. We've been together long enough, she knows how I just bounce ideas around and sometimes hearing them out-loud, helps me decide if it's good or not. Most often, I write about things that are on my mind, or might even entertain myself. I'm way to low on the ladder to worry about entertaining others. Maybe that is my lack of self esteem talking, but I just don't have enough reach to worry about an imaginary mass of followers that I don't have..haha. I truly appreciate every word of advice, every compliment and even the negatives that people have to say, but you have to create for you!

When someone asks me for advice, I say the same thing I will say here : Stop procrastinating and start doing. Believe in yourself and work towards getting something done. If you're relying on someone else, you will not make it. Don't let things get in your way, don't take No for an answer and help make your own luck.

The biggest part of of me not reading anyone's work is simply this - The last thing I want is to be influenced by your work or ideas or even worse, dismiss your hopes or dreams. Believe it or not, even if nothing happens, I'm working on scripts, treatments and ideas all the time. You must be careful who you share your ideas with...while I sit here and tell you the truth, so many others will lie to you. This just protects me and you. Don't take it as "being too big" or "unwilling to help" because that's far from the truth. I will offer advice about film crews, maybe point you in the direction of someone else that can help your dream become a reality but it's YOUR dream and your project,  it's YOUR idea...make sure you remember that.The satisfaction you will feel once you've reached your goal will be that much better.

Self Check Time - So, before you send off your ideas to someone else...are you just looking for someone to do all the work so you can have the easy way out? It's a legit question and requires you to be honest with yourself. There is no easy way to accomplish anything. It will require your attention, your love and a lot of times a lot of money. The options are out there, from self publishing to making your own movie to anything you want. Indiegogo and Kickstarter exist for a reason, LuLu is out many options but it just isn't easy and it's a long, lonely road sometimes...but when you succeed, it's great.

Remember, my opinion matters no more than yours. Who am I too tell you if your idea is "dumb" or "won't work"? Do for's a new year, maybe it's YOUR year! If anything, I hope you have an idea, read this and decide that you're ready to create.

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