Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year..New Me...Does Rudeness get you anywhere?

New Year..New Me...Does Rudeness get you anywhere?

Today, I'm at the post office and what I see, makes me change my mindset for the new year. 

A woman walks into the post office today, she is carrying a broken down box that you would typically buy to ship a bigger item in. She already has the look of disgust on her face, as she stands in front of me, while the short line is moving at a slow pace. Huffing and sighing as she got closer to complain to someone...I'm sure she was rehearsing the argument over and over in her head, probably with her being victorious.

She is called up to the counter and she perks up, starting to explain that she was lied too by TV (me too...I'm pretty sure that Amish Mafia is a lie). The box was supposed to be "ship ready" which as, if you've ever mailed anything, you need to put forth a little effort. The box is beat up, mishandled and honestly looks like they used it to walk on. The employee explains that a return like this, must be handled by the post master. It's a $3 box btw... she starts to yell that she works 40 hours week, can't be bothered with this and will stand here until she is paid. 

I'm blown away. (This is my inner monologue follow along)

The employee handles its as nice as possible and explains he can do nothing today. She continues to berate the guy, finally a fellow employee comes over and hands the lady $3 for the refund.

Does being rude and bullying really win??

I stand there with mixed emotions. I start to think about myself..."am I rude?" I know I'm a smart ass...but come on, it wasn't this guys fault, he was following procedure. Yet we are nearly witnessing a "stand in" over a $3 box, that was clearly brutalized and honestly, not returnable. So I start to think, in a society that condemns Bullying and exploits it on every media scale, I think I see it more now that ever. I see it in customer service, from patrons, from people racing to get parking spaces to almost every ridiculous situation you can imagine.

Last year, I struggled with depression, I dealt with anger and was just being a miserable prick. Clearly, being a dick got me no where (and not many blog readers), so I've decide that this year I will take a shot at being nice.

I don't want people to misconceive kindness as a sign of weakness. If anything, this year will be my strongest year yet. I will not accept second rate service, but I will also not deliver second rate Rob. I will put forth a stronger effort in everything I do, I will work hard. I will cut out the negatives in my life. I will stand proud and know I am passing on a positive vibe with a few sarcastic remarks in between.

When you read you think "man, this guys is an asshole" or do you think "being positive and decent to others might be a good change"? I know the saying "nice guys finish last" exists but what if that quote is just there to give bullies fuel and help promote hate (hey, stranger things and theories exist)? Who listens to these quotes anyways? Why put forth energy to be negative? No one ever said "You hear that guy...he spoke to me like I mattered...what an asshole".

The word "asshole" is associated with rude, obnoxious people who lack common decency. Maybe writing this blog will help me stay true to keeping this mindset..who knows. Maybe this is a personal experiment to see the rights and wrongs with society. Will I have success? Maybe YOU can try it too.

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