Monday, December 3, 2012

Your Opinion and You!

Your Opinion and You!

All I could think of when I was writing out the title of this was, some 70's PSA commercial that I might have seen in Sex Ed class, except it was "Your Penis and You". Like I needed any help with that; I would've known my Penis by the 8th me.

More than ever, it's easier today to share your opinion. Places like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and countless other ways to "review" or "critique" a service, a film, a song or even a person, are now more dominate than ever before. You get bad service, no more writing a letter to the cooperate office. See a movie, love it or hate it...share your thoughts immediately after or even during to let people know "My opinion matters". 

Is it me or has this "convenience" or "right" made people extremely negative? It's almost becoming a rare find to see someone post a positive review or not over analyze something. Maybe giving everyone a voice was a bad move...sometimes, one persons vendetta can really put a hamper on someones momentum. 

This past weekend I took the Mrs. to see Life of Pi in theaters. A movie, going into, the only interaction I'd had with, was my two kids "not being fans of the book". When I saw the trailer I was blown away by the scenery, the visuals and the amazing beauty that was on the screen I was standing in front of, literally captivated. I was skeptical yet optimistic and went in with an open mind.

Let me say this before I continue, the very, very little bit of reputation I have within the Horror community was built on sharing my opinion. I was an eager film reviewer but I had a philosophy on reviewing people's work - If I had something positive to say, I'd say it....loud and clear. People who's work I loved, I shared with everyone. People who sent me their works of art to screen, if I wasn't a fan, no one would know I even watched it. I would remain silent. My thought process was this; negativity rules the Earth, from the daily news to people's everyday life. Wouldn't it be great to share a positive? 

This weekend I witnessed a Twitter discussion between a movie reviewer and a few non-reviewers. I quickly realized that this "reviewer" believed his opinion ruled. I've heard others state "If you've never been to film school, you shouldn't review films." Another outlandish theory. 

Look, I feel pretty confident that I could review a Hamburger, even without graduating from a reputable Chef school. I've eaten my fair share of Hamburgers in my lifetime...from the tasty to the sub par, but I'm not delirious enough to think my taste-buds speak for the masses. I like my Hamburger cooked a certain way, I like certain condiments on my Burger, yet that doesn't make my way, best.

With that being said, I'm at the movies, enthralled with Life of Pi, giving my eyes an orgasm (ok, maybe I didn't fully climax, but it was close) from the beauty I'm seeing. Proving that Ang Lee was one with the camera, and more importantly proving that beauty in the eye of the beholder. I'm sure, not everyone will share my sentiments about how amazing this film was. Visually, I was nearly brought to tears...this was a first for me. I had never seen anything, besides when I laid my eyes on my children, that moved me so much. 

This is MY Opinion.

I encourage people to share their opinions..I know "It's our right!" I sometimes wish people would put more effort into raising their kids, working on themselves and being better humans than worrying about pushing their  Rights". Pick your battles people. 

Let me leave you with this - If you believe your opinion is more important than anyone else' advice would be to never leave the computer and enjoy your delusional trip. People have all kinds of likes, I've seen films that are downright awful, yet they capture an audience. 

Worry about those who support you, create for yourself and more importantly, spread some positive vibes...not everyone digs hate.

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