Sunday, December 16, 2012

Walking away proud

Walking Away Proud

Last night as I drove to another Professional Wrestling event, like I have countless of other times over the past 14 years, I finally realized it was time to walk away. I was given the chance to work in front of some amazing crowds, share a locker room with some of the greatest performers and make some life long friends. I was given knowledge, while at times was able to pass some along. I took and gave, I lived a dream I had ever since my Dad took me to a live event when I was little. 

I'm not bitter, that's not why I decided it was's just time for me too move on. It doesn't mean I still won't hang out, show support and share the laughs, plus help when I can...I have gained a family. It really boils down to me having nothing left to give, my life is shifting...but, I think for the best. I feel the need to focus on my desire to create, to make a statement and to really focus on film making, acting and writing.

On my way to the Dreams Project event in Birdsboro, PA last night, run by my best pal, Steve Corino, I took a few moments to reflect on my "career" (if you can call it that) and felt accomplished. Sure, I never made it to WWE or TNA but I don't think you need to make it there to feel like you achieved a personal goal. I've looked at things a lot differently lately, maybe it's maturity setting in. Goals aren't what others see, it's what you see. Only YOU can decide if you reached your goal.

When I walked in, I went to Corino first and said "Tonight's it"; he just looked for a minute and said "Ok, dick"...haha. He knows it's time for me to move on, he knows my desire is elsewhere and I thank him for giving me the send off I asked him for. I said "I want you to be the last one to get over on me", that set up for 3 of my signature stunner sells....haha...usually awful btw. 

A few of veterans that I truly respect said some kind words, some I've battled with for almost 10 years. I've been spit on, been called everything that you shouldn't be called, been hurt, given up family time, traveled hours upon hours to work for 6 mins and I wouldn't trade anything in. I have no regrets. I have memories.

For about 99.8% of my career, I was a heel. I was the bad guy. Thank you to everyone who ever booed me, to anyone who ever thought I was an was YOU that made me smile when I wrote this today. All I can hope, when you read smile too.

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