Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Today's Thoughts - Professionalism, Snobs & Having Value

Today's Thoughts
Professionalism, Snobs & Having Value

Conducting Business Online - Nothing bugs me more than someone hijacking a thread on Facebook, of all places to try to discuss business. Let's be serious for a you, at any point, think that is the appropriate place? If you want to be perceived as someone serious about business, then you should act like it. Email or private message are better resorts than posting on someone's wall about how great your website is and you want to sell stuff or whatever. Have some sort of professionalism.

Stop Being High and Mighty - The thought that someone else might know more than you is just a dreadful thought, right? NO...Life is a learning curve, knowledge is power and your brain is a sponge. I write a lot of bullshit on here..seriously, I know it. Somethings you might think "Hey, he has a point" while other topics might make you roll your eyes. There are a lot of people I don't like but I have too admit, sometimes I can learn something from them. I truly believe that we learn something new everyday, at least I try too. 

I get it, you think you know everything, so does my 13 year old, but chances are, you're both wrong. In Professional Wrestling I learned a very valuable lesson from Afa the Wild Samoan, he told me "Son, when you are in a new locker room, keep your ears open and mouth shut." He's right, it's a process I've used in everyday life, since most people have a tendency to speak their minds and tell you their business. Trying to speak over someone or getting them to see your side, it's often a lost cause. Be open minded and never, ever be afraid for help or advice. It might not be the help or advice that you want but, getting another perspective can be eye opening.

Having Value - Everyone has a value or self worth. Everyone wants more for themselves. This category falls into the "believing in yourself" field. It is so hard to believe in yourself, you have self confidence. Those that come off as cocky, gloating individuals are more scared than you are, they are frail and fragile. I think I'm somewhere in the middle. I lack self confidence, often say I don't need anyone's approval yet always want it. My brain is like a Rubix Cube, it's different colors based on my moods, it gets twisted easy and is often left a mess. Hey, I'm honest! 

I've talked before about believing in yourself, but think of it this way...if YOU don't think you can do it, how can you expect anyone else to think you can. In most times, it's your job to prove yourself. If you're like me, you take a "No, you can't" and change it into a "Yes, I can" or at least do your best trying. So, look upon today and stand tall and gain some value. 

I'm really starting to sound like some sort of self help nut, I'm not. Writing this helps me through my life, hopefully, maybe you're dealing with a self doubt issue, want to contact someone about something but are afraid of doing it wrong or sometimes, you close your mind to others. 

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