Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Internet WILL accept YOU!

The Internet WILL accept YOU!

Last night I watched another episode of the Mtv show titled "Catfish". Its a look at online romances and trying to connect people that have gotten wrapped up in an online love affair. So far, it never works. I'm sure they will have a few episodes that will have happy endings but most are disappointments, which in my opinion...sucks.

For one, being someone you're not online is never going to amount to anything. Posing as someone is just laughable at best, in some cases it's downright mean. If you think that cyber bullying is bad now, wait until you're discovered to be a fraud. Let's look at real life, no one likes a liar. I understand that people are unhappy with their "real life" so they can escape to the net and not be judged, plus experience a totally different life. Is that what you really want?

I will use the easiest example...me. I know me, chances are, depending if you listen to my podcasts, read my blogs, YOU know an outline of what I'm about. Is everything in my life good? Nope....just like you, I have self doubt, I look for acceptance, I have money problems, social anxiety's and the list just continues. Yesterday I talked about passion in person, I believe that if you are genuine in life, you will find people that you belong with. Not everyone is going to have a great day, not everyone will get that big promotion...sometimes, you watched a funny tv show, you had a great hamburger or you might have missed your bus...who knows...it's YOU.

I never understood the philosophy of shitting on everything online. When someone tweets "And No fucks were given"....what does that even mean? I have said it before, opinions are just that...opinions. It's a big turn off when you read open negativity. Hell, my life had some very rough patches, at times, I even wanted to give up....honestly, stepping away from the online negativity and nonsense helps. Chances are, you have been judged in life and there is even a better chance that you didn't like it. So why be "that guy" that constantly thinks the negativity is going to get you somewhere? Here is a newsflash - NO ONE that was negative, ever got anywhere...EVER.

This brings me back to the Catfish show, it's honestly a guilty pleasure of mine. My biggest pet peeves are: The perfect person never exists. Everyone has flaws. True love and real friendship will help you see past those flaws and allow you to accept who that person really is. Also, creating a fake profile of someone who is attractive will NEVER have a positive outcome. As humans, we need to be social. Do you think if the person on the other end is attracted to you, will be happy with never meeting you? Plus, what kind of life is that? Human touch, spending time and creating memories is what life is all about. 

The saying of "It's what's on the inside that counts" has never been more true, plus no one ever says "Its what's online that counts". Some of the hottest people can have some of the ugliest attitudes. Sure, she might be hot, but what a bitch! I'm not talking about just "hating" on her...I mean like rolling my eyes at how mean and cruel she could be. (I just use she as an example, not anyone in particular) If we all know that life is a challenge, why add negativity too it. I totally understand that expressing yourself online is a release for some, but get a grip on things.

For today, post something positive. If you want more interaction in social media, then interact. Sometimes it's up to you to make a comment or engage the conversation. Take a minute and see if you come off negative, if you do...change that. The holiday season is upon us (I am not a Holiday guy..but for my Wife, I'm gonna be) and maybe it's time to spread some cheer, say hello and add a new friend. Drop the grudge, stop the lying and be positive....you might be surprised with the results.

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