Wednesday, December 26, 2012

No Clowning Around ships & festival time!

No Clowning Around ships & Festival time!

Merry Christmas and all that jazz, I can't tell you how happy I am that No Clowning Around has shipped out to you, as of today.

Behind the scenes I was a frantic mess...seriously (my left eye has had a twitch for like two weeks now) My original plan was to get this to you guys about two weeks ago....sadly, that didn't happen. I contacted the duplicator and they stated "oh, we tried to call you"...hmmm...I didn't get a call...nor email and TWO WEEKS went by!!

They finally came on Christmas Eve, so Kim and myself cut every cover, put every dvd in the case and addressed every envelope. After three hours, we were all set. Today I made the trip to the post office and 40 minutes later...Mumbles the Clown is on the way too you!!!

On behalf of everyone that worked hard, we truly hope you enjoy the film. Tom Gleba from NerdRemix gave his review today here REVIEW - so far, we've been fortunate and had positives. Matthew Burd and myself will be announcing a way for YOU to be involved in a Q&A shortly. Stay the movie, write your notes and be ready :

Another bit of news - No Clowning Around has been accepted in the Macabre Faire Film Festival on January 19-20 in Rockville Centre, NY. Our screening time will be 4pm on Saturday. Now, this is very important for us because this will be the FIRST time the film screens in front of others, besides our private party with cast and crew. Besides our excitement, this is a great way to support independent film making and enjoy a bunch of different films. This is the first festival of many that we will be attending (hopefully) and we will also be organizing a screening for those who have supported us.

Stay tuned and have a great New Year!!

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