Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Laughing at Death

Laughing at Death

As I sit at my desk, eating my morning eggs, glancing out the window at the beauty that is today, I can't help but wonder about death. We are all going to die, in fact each day we live cuts our life one day shorter...pretty nice morning thought huh? My question to you - How do you deal with death?

Comedian and Roast Master General, Jeff Ross has a good philosophy with death. Jeff often will say "Roast in Peace" using humor to help deal with the pain. Now, Jeff obviously isn't making light of anyone's life or death, he is simply helping people cope, sometimes it's a celebration of that person's life. Trust me, I'm not a comedian, I only act like one on Twitter...just like so many others.

Now you're playing with power!
This past weekend a Professional athlete commits suicide, but more importantly kills his girl friend. I'm only using this example because, it's fresh in my mind and now.... I've seen that the "Roast in Peace" style jokes apparently have a double meaning. While so many tweeted comments about the Team, I assume, they did simply because they didn't know this person so it made it ok...but, when someone they know passes away, that person is off limits. So, your friends and loved ones are off limits but others are ok....alright, now I see how it works.

Comedy...your a twisted bitch

If you follow me on Twitter, I often will wish death, almost daily on Steve Corino, while, in return, he does the same. To some, it's mean, malicious and downright awful, while to others, who are "in on the joke" know the type of friendship we have. In all honesty, we will try to one up each other yet, in real life, we actually text and have helped each other through some of our shittiest times in life. We use laughter as a therapy tool (btw...speaking of tools, he really is one) to help change our day, maybe get over a depression issue or even just to make each other laugh.  

When dealing with death, everyone has their own method of mourning. Some look at pictures and remember the good times. Some will wear black and never re-marry or look at another man. (This is for my Wife, Kim..she better choose this way!!
Some turn to laughter. Sadly, we can not choose how others cope, or more importantly "who" will see or hear others opinions. Keep in mind, when choosing your own method, you can't make your own rules.

Comedy is not for cowards! (ok, maybe that's a lie...I'm a scared bitch) Stop Apologizing!!

Let me say this, the internet is yours, it's a power we have all grown to use for our own selfishness. For information, to stay in touch or even for some, to hate, grieve and laugh. I'm not condoning being mean or insensitive to anyone, but if you strike first...then you are left to suffer.

Need a laugh? Unfollow me on Twitter @RobDimension. Check back here every Mon-Fri as I will continue to write drivel and stuff no one cares about. Have a friend? Send them this way...I'm tired of eating alone.

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