Thursday, November 29, 2012

Powerball - How would YOU spend it?

Powerball - How would YOU spend it?

If this observation seems laced with "sore loser" or hatred to those who won last night's Powerball, it's probably just in your interpretation. I mean, how can I be mad, it was only $500 million.

Let me start by saying, I hardly ever play the lottery...I even forgot to buy tickets for last nights drawing. Trust me, I'd love to win it but it usually just slips my mind plus, when you hear the odds; "You'd have a better chance to be struck by lightning 3 times in a row" than winning, the chances seems slim. Sure, someone has to win..I get that. For years, as a kid, I watched my Dad play the same 3 numbers in the New York Lotto, sometimes winning a hundred or two but I just never felt like throwing money away...instead I would often go to the race track and bet the horses. Granted, I never won, but they looked nice.

Water cooler talk this week has been :If you win, what would you do with the money? I listen to some people, those that are much better people than me, say "Well, I'd give some to my Church and maybe start an after school program for under privileged kids". This is when I quickly realize why I have no friends, usually my response is;" I'd be greedy and buy some cars and houses". Once my selfishness beams through, this is when people start with the questions, "You won't give back?"

Ok, so maybe I'm clouded by greed..hey, don't blame me..blame Gordon Gekko. "Greed is Good" I heard for years; Wall Street was a classic film, but is Gordon Gekko what's wrong with America? Greediness is nothing new, even Caveman probably wanted to keep the fire they invented to themselves, in hopes they'd club more women and slay more dinosaurs. Am I the exception? Think about this, $500 Million dollars, sure, after taxes is, maybe $300 Million, then with the instant payout, maybe you end up with a little less than $100 Million...poor you! 

What would I really buy? The obvious is get out of debt..hell, isn't everyone in debt? Those Nascar collectible plates set a lot of people back. I'd move; like, instantly. Kim, my wife, and I have been talking about moving "off the grid" so to speak, it's a dream but $100 million would help out the cause. So, let's say we move to the middle of Montana. Then, we need ATV's and snowmobiles...hey, this is my shopping list, not yours. Also, since I always try to be prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse, the house would have a high fence and probably a moat. Maybe a draw bridge...errr, sorry, forgot we don't live in the Dark Ages (or do we?).

My congrats to those people who bought, won and can now live in my house with a moat, driving the hills of Montana on a're living my life...bastards. For the rest of us, we will continue being drones, working for the man and staying a sleep while the neon signs that say "Obey" flicker in the night. Enjoy your day...losers.

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