Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Years Resolutions already?

New Years Resolutions already?

Thanksgiving has passed, Christmas cheer is looming in the faint distance and another year is upon us. First, let's put to rest the idea of the world ending; here is a tweet  that explains my feelings on the subject:

Was asked "What you gonna do before the World ends?" My response "Block, unfriend & unfollow every asshole who thinks the world is ending."

Hopefully, that sums up my "End of the World" plans. Regardless of what the Mayans have led us to believe, my guess is the calendar guy was laid off due to down sizing because of outsourcing. Just in case, I have been Dvr'ing Doomsday Preppers...

Back to the question: New Years Resolutions. Each year, Americans fill their heads with countless "Turns of a new leaf" to better themselves from being the over-weight, lazy, cheating people they are...I'm no different. "I'm going to enroll in a gym, gonna eat better and lose these 30 pounds", that's what plans I'm already making; knowing damn well, I will cancel the gym membership by March, eat like an asshole on New Years Day and the scale will remain unaffected. We all fall for that trap. After working in a gym, is it any shock that a majority of the money they make is from people who NEVER go!! That's right, they bank on you signing up and never canceling because of the guilt...luckily, I have no shame or guilt, so I cancel.

Professionally, I have some projects I want to push forward with for 2013; I want to start a web series. My film "No Clowning Around" basically rings in the New Year, releasing on Dec. 28th, so I will be attending and entering as many Film Festivals as possible. I also have plans on a sequel for No Clowning Around, but that depends on the reaction the film gets. I would also love to write a comedy, be it a short or a feature. Then there is the "This is the year" promise I make too myself - This year I will attempt Stand Up. 

Let me explain my Stand Up philosophy - Stand Up is an art form that rests solely on the performers shoulders. It's you and a microphone vs the audience. It requires no lazy friends who all "want to help" then NEVER follow through (I know a lot of creative people who are lazy assholes that never want to leave their's sad but true).For me, it's an extension of what I do everyday. Writing, observing or even tweeting dumb thoughts that, at least, make me laugh. 

So, will this be the year for me to elevate myself or will I continue to write these blogs that are read by 31 people, between the ages of 18-46 in the North American region? What dreams do you have for the new year? You have a month left to figure it out. Good luck and walk away from this with a simple life lesson - "Watch where you walk, there is shit everywhere".

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