Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Finding a groove - Satire

Finding a Groove - Satire

Sure, just like most adults in their early 40's, like me, we remember reading Mad magazine or having their subscriptions to Cracked. Getting our dose of satirical humor long before most of us even got the jokes. Hell, I remember one of the highlights of Mad was to fold the back cover to see something funny. 

At the age of 8-13 what could I possibly relate too based on World issues or economic struggles? Seeing Mad make fun of Jimmy Carter because he liked jelly beans was funny...to an 8 year old, who also loved jelly beans.

Let's jump to 2012, I'm guessing that Mad magazine is still published. Alfred E Neuman is probably still taking jabs at the president, plus Hollywood's finest are still gracing the cover. It wasn't until just recently that I discovered my love for Satire, but it was hidden. 

Twitter has made satirical writing much more easy; given us all "open mic night", if you will. Obviously, if you just read my "Keys to Social Media Success" you can tell, I don't take the social media or myself serious. I enjoy pointing out the obvious, making fun of things and people...especially Steve Corino. Watching the news; great way to see humor in things. Just today, I see that the 1st ever recipient of a Kidney Transplant finally died at the age of 93. Now, to some this might seem like a milestone for science, to me..an opportunity for a tweet:

"1st ever successful Kidney Transplant patient finally dies at age of 93...guess it wasn't that successful"

Sure some people will roll their eyes, while others will miss the joke and even some will point out the mean. I never like to be outright mean; tweeting to celebrities awful things is the new "hip" thing. I just don't do it...or at least..often.

I also have no problem making fun of myself...a lesson I learned in Professional Wrestling. Some of the best heels in wrestling made a legacy, pointing and laughing at themselves. Look at Bobby Heenan, a classic manager, who was serious when he needed to be but was also an amazing color commentator who added quick wit and satire to make others look better. 

I am always the first to point out how awful my jokes are, how I tweet a line that gets no response or even pointing out what everyone else thinks. Last night, I tweeted:

"Ever been so proud of a tweet, sit idle, waiting for the RT's to hit...& then...Nothing?         That's what my day consists of. #Disappointment"

See, you know we have all thought "Man, I have the killer tweet...gonna kill!" We tweet it, wait and nothing. I'm not comedian..just follow me and you'll see that. I'm just a guy who read Mad magazine, thinks farts are funny and likes to point and laugh at the world. I have no idea why I wrote this today..motivation? Finding a groove? Wanting too share? No idea...just having fun I guess. Until tomorrow..follow me on Twitter @RobDimension - "I'll be here all week..order the veal."

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