Friday, November 30, 2012

Facebook; Do's and Do Not's! Part 1

Facebook; Do's and Do Not's! 
Part 1

A lot of people have commented to me about the "Key's to Being Successful in Social Media" article, I figured I would try to shed more light on some "Do's and Do Not's" from Facebook. Starting to wonder if I need to write a book on Social Media.

If anyone remembers Myspace; the carefree basic introduction for many to the crazy online connection service, it almost seemed like an easier place to "play". Connecting with friends, meeting new people online that share the same interests and of course, being spammed by 3rd rate bands that want you to "listen to our demo". It was a simpler world. In walks Facebook and the social media explodes!

As Facebook grew...and grew...and grew into the publicly traded failure, free social media leader that people continually complain about, things have changed, and with change..comes rules. Well, at least I think there should be rules. 

Add as Friend - Oh yes, the ole' "Add as Friend" button that is the gateway to possible new friendships or rekindling of old flames. I just made it sound much more tempting and dramatic than it really is. 

Everyone wants to make friends, but when clicking "Add as Friend" button, comes responsibility. New friends can be eager, but just how "relaxed" of a friend connection is too relaxed...or how eager are you? That's why I'm here people.

It's always polite to post, after making a friendship connection, "Great to meet you" on your new found buddy's wall, yet it almost seems a little too anxious and overzealous too me. If we meet in person, a possible hand shake might occur with a "Nice too meet you" in a casual discussion, so I still feel this is acceptable. Now, after having said that, please refrain from posting some "Nice to meet you" photo that comes off as generic or is, possibly sending some "I like what you like" message. Remember, you want to be liked, not being a regret on an acceptance. 

Sending Messages -  Oh man, where do I start with this about Politeness!

Let's say we have never met in person and maybe occasionally share a "like" on a photo; it's safe to say, being polite needs to be at the top of your list. 

Let me say this, before continuing; I'm not really even a fan of the private message. Connecting is always good, maybe start off the message with "I hate to bother you". With starting off that way, you're already admitting to being a bother...that scores points with me.

Being blunt is always a turn off, seriously. "Like my page. (link)". Yes, I have received those messages. My reaction is to click on that person's profile and delete them. Trying to bully someone into "liking" something is rude plus, we have all heard Pee Wee Herman give a PSA about Peer Pressure....well, and crack. 

Anyways, Who would I send a private message too? My rule of thumb is this: If we have never met in person, I don't see the reason to send a message. I will post on that person's wall instead; maybe a compliment, a casual remark or even a light-hearted pun (usually more like a smart ass comment...but you see it your way, I see it mine). Remember, the key to being successful is too be cool, not a nuisance.

I would say "Use your better judgement" but after opening my inbox, daily, I see that might not be the best option. If you have life altering news, by all means, inbox me...if you're plan is to say "Like my page"...pass and click "unfriend". 

That's part 1 for Facebook Do's and Do Not's, I hope you have a great weekend and I'll see you online!

Obviously, I don't take any of the serious or consider myself any kind of professional.

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