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Monster-Mania 23 weekend recap!

Monster-Mania 23 weekend recap!

Well, chalk up another Monster-Mania in the books...and what a weekend it was! On Friday morning, Kim and I load up the car for Hunt Valley, MD and start our yearly trip to be amongst the fellow horror fanatics. This Monster-Mania had some level of nerves built in for me, unlike those before it.

Promoter Dave Hagan, my partner on the Monster-Mania Radio show, pulled me aside a few days before and said "I think you should dress as Mumbles for the con." Mumbles is the character from our film "No Clowning Around" and is already developing a life of his own (he even has a Twitter now Our purpose, Matthew Burd (co-director) and I, was to get a feel for the films trailer. We figure, we'll show it, hopefully it will go well and we can unleash it to everyone else right after. Here is where the nerves kick in...imagine this, I'm dressing as a clown that no one knows, promoting a movie that no one knows and I'm just hoping people come to my table. Talk about a possible punch to your confidence level!

Jamie Kennedy & Mumbles

Kim and I get to the hotel and I head downstairs to search out Dave and find out where our table is. We see we are next to Jeremy London and Jamie Kennedy. I figure Kennedy will have a good line, so I'm excited. Plus, I'm a big Jamie Kennedy this makes the nerd in me; Happy!

We go back upstairs to the room and I start with the "Mumbles Transformation. When I started doing the clown paint, it took me about an hour and 15 minutes, now, I'm down to about 45 minutes. Kim was right there to help; I can't apply the eye liners, so that's all her job. I get finished and head down stairs about 4:45, with doors opening at 5pm.

I think it's odd that I seem normal to be dressed as a clown in a sea of people, yet no one really notices or cares...haha...only sat Monster-Mania. I instantly start to mess with people I know, yet they don't know me. I start to take pictures as con goers are "curious". Matt gets there with the trailer and we start to show, I'm really nervous. I feel very exposed and hopeful. As more and more people start to watch, I start to feel really good. A lot of positives and people anticipating the release (December by the way).

Life of the Party

After we have a very successful night of promoting, we head to the VIP Party. The VIP Party was poppin!! Heather Langenkamp and Amanda Wyss are tearing up the dance floor, and having a total blast. I hadn't eaten all day, so if you listen to Monster-Mania Radio, you know I was at the all you can eat Ice Cream bar. Regardless of what people think, clown shoes are no joke. My feet were dead, so Kim and I head upstairs and get some rest...or so we thought.

The bed vs. Me = the bed wins!! I just couldn't sleep at all..I struggled, even breaking into several swearing outbursts!!

Anyways, back to Monster-Mania in the more clown, just me. Kim and I run across the street to Wegman's and get some breakfast and get to the table. Kim stops to buy me a 9' Frankenstein from Mezco and the NECA Battle Damaged Jason figures for me...she knows me too well. She grabs a small Leatherface for her desk at work. Thanks to Amok Time Toys!!

As people are wandering around, it makes me happy to see people wearing "Mumbles the Clown" t-shirts and more are coming to the table to see the trailer. It's getting close to 2pm and I'm scheduled to host the Q7A's, a job that I absolutely love. My first Q&A is Jeremy London and I'm a HUGE Mallrats fan, so we are ready to roll!!

Gunnar, Marylin Burns & Me

When hosting the Q&A's...I always try to keep it together. I write notes so I can cover for the dreaded "No Question" dead periods when the audience has nothing to ask. I always get nervous, since the worst thing to happen is being 10 minutes into the session and then we have nothing but silence.

John Kassir, was awesome to sit with. When you're sitting on stage with the Crypt Keeper, how can you NOT be happy? Watching him for years and meeting him was great. He shared a lot of stories and did a lot of voices. I think he could have spoken for 2 hours and no one would have complained.

Next was an odd pairing of Traci Lords, Patricia Tallman and Camille Keaton, but they were all fantastic. I made sure I fit in my Roseanne question to Traci Lords...haha. Camille Keaton appreciated that I mentioned her work in the ToeTag Pictures film, Sella Turcica. Plus, I shared a quiet moment with Patricia Tallman where I explained how I truly feel that the 1990 Night of the Living Dead remake is the greatest remake of all time. Patricia Tallman was someone I've always wanted to meet, so doing so just completed my weekend.

Me, Dave Hagan & the Nightmare Girls 

The next Q&A was the Texas Chainsaw Panel with Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface) and Marylin Burns (Sally the survivor) and this might have been the panel I was looking forward too the most. Gunnar is probably one of the nicest guys to ever meet, plus, Marylin is so sweet. I was so happy to share an hour with them. I think the biggest benefit of hosting the panels is being able to be a fan for a minute and ask a few questions. It really means so much, I can never thank Dave enough for giving me the opportunity, it's just incredible. Anyways, Gunnar and Marylin share how hard it was for them and the amount of embarrassment that came with this film. Closing in on 40 years old, they now realize how important the film is too us fans. They were so awesome.

Up next, Dave stopped in and asked if I wanted to host a panel together. I always say I would love too...I probably pester him about it..haha. I just think he's a great host and it was special to me to share that with him. The good flow seems to a Lady brings in 3 kids into this panel and they weren't real happy. It puts the convention in a bad spot, at least in my opinion. You want everyone who pays to be able to enjoy the panels, but they were happens and was handled great. The Nightmare Girls were Tuesday Knight, Lisa Wilcox, Amanda Wyss and Heather LangenKamp. They were fantastic to say the least..they all shared their memories and had everyone smiling.

Dimension & Jamie Kennedy

Dave allows me to close out Monster-Mania with hosting the panel with Jamie Kennedy and I really was looking forward too it.

I'm a big fan of Jamie Kennedy for a different reason than Scream or other film roles, I wanted to talk about Heckler! Heckler is a documentray Kennedy did that discusses heckling in comedy but more importantly, he confronts people that talk shit online. I applaud that...seriously.

He was a true professional and was perfectly comfortable talking about everything. He talked good and bad things, he experiences and was a riot. I can't thank him enough for being so great. If you didn't stay for this really missed some great stuff. Jamie Kennedy made me a fan for life after watching him all weekend with every fan and how he handled everything. Nothing but positives.

In closing, thank you to everyone who stopped by our table. Thank you to everyone who supports Monster-Mania, behind the scenes, it means more to people than you'll ever know. I'm already looking forward to March 8-10th in Cherry Hill, NJ as it's Dave and companies 10th Anniversary! Thanks again guys, you made this a weekend to remember!!

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