Saturday, September 22, 2012

No Clowning Around Merchandise!!

"No Clowning Around" Merchandise
Now on Sale!!

The new Horror/Drama/Dark Comedy "No Clowning Around" launches merchandise.

No Clowning Around is a Horror short film based on one mans fall from grace. Ed, who once was beloved by his hometown as Mumbles the Clown, is now a party clown who battles depression and addiction. His last shed of light in his life is Trixie, who has struggles of her own. Being pushed from all sides, who and what will stop the endless spiral of sadness?

With a scheduled DVD and very Limited VHS release in December, show your love for "Mumbles the Clown" right now!!

Every order comes with a "Mumbles the Clown" Fan Club membership card. That's right kids, you remember watching good ole' Mumbles every Saturday morning at 8am, on TV 20 in Toledo, OH. Be a card carrying member in good your support!

  You watched the show, now wear the T-Shirt! In the days before "Mumbles" left the airwaves, he was beloved by his hometown. Kids and Adults loved Mr Peepers and Mumbles...remember the laughs we had?

T-shirt is Navy blue with White logo:
"Kids, Watch me every Saturday Morning!!

Mumbles the Clown"



Official Coming Soon Poster

This poster is 11x17 in size This poster ships in a tube for protection. Designed by Brian Mitchell

This poster is also available Autographed by stars: Rob Dimension, Kim Dimension, Steve Corino and Director Matthew Burd

Prices are $5.00 plus shipping for unsigned
$10.00 plus shipping signed


No Clowning Around 8x10's

All can be Autographed & Personalized - Only $5 each

Mumbles the Clown Wall
Item #NCA 1

Mumbles the Clown Shadows
Item #NCA 2

Mumbles the Clown Puking
Item #NCA 3

Mumbles, Trixie & Mr Peepers
Item #NCA 4

8x10 choices

Pre orders of DVD's and Limited VHS will be available in October

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