Monday, September 10, 2012

No Clowning Around Diary - Day 2

No Clowning Around Diary
Day 2

Co-Director Matt Burd gives "Mumbles" some direction

Wow...that's what I'm thinking as I sit here, 5:30 in the morning, after only getting 5 hours of sleep after filming our second day of shooting "No Clowning Around". 

This time around, I decided to give "storyboarding" a shot, instead of a shot list. As I explained last entry, I felt a bit overwhelmed with acting, directing plus all of the other things that go along with a filming, especially with a small, intimate crew. Matt Burd, stepped up our first day, this time I wanted to really be prepared...yesterday, from a directing stand point, Matt and I were in sync. We were on the same page and we both had great ideas that really came together as we shot for nearly 13 hours yesterday.

Kim Dimension is abused!

Our crew, Nette, Patti, Chris and Bill are just fantastic. They are always there early, never complain and always go above and beyond...without them, we couldn't be relaxed enough to focus on what we need too....they are saviors. Couldn't do it without them.

Yesterday also marked the first day of shooting for my Wife, Kim and of course, my pal, Steve Corino. Kim had a full day of filming, plus her scenes where extremely tough and ranged from wearing miserable contacts to nearly being poked with a real needle. She was a trooper...I will get more into my emotional roller coaster with her in a few.

Corino showed up ready too work yesterday. Regardless of your opinion of the guy, regardless of your opinion on Pro Wrestling...Steve Corino WAS his character yesterday. He was fantastic. He knew his lines and believed in them...I can speak for both Matt and myself and say "We were honored to be a part of what we saw yesterday from Steve." I was blown away and think everyone who sees this movie will be too. I'm sure we will discuss some of what happened on the XOC Podcast this week. I have one more day of shooting with him, I really can't wait.

Dimension, Burd, Corino

Now, what happened on set yesterday will be ingrained in my brain forever. Often when we write something I'm not sure if we think all aspects through. When you write a scenario that puts a loved one in a position that you NEVER want to see...and that loved on pulls it off's both a bad vision yet a thing of beauty. I know I'm being vague, but for those on set yesterday, they know how affected I was by the filming of a certain scene...I was brought to legitimate tears. I openly wept...I was overcome with emotion and the camera captured it all. Kim, I love you with all my heart.

I really felt relief after filming...I finally felt like I belonged, I felt accomplished, even if for just that one day. I have that memory of filming...I'm proud of what we did. Pre orders for this DVD and Limited Edition VHS (Limited to only 40) will be available starting in October with a December release.

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