Tuesday, August 21, 2012

#SocialMediaWhore T-Shirts arrive!! Limited Supply

#SocialMediaWhore T-shirts are here!
Limited Supply

It's no secret that Rob Dimension is always online..be it promoting, tweeting, touting, FaceBooking, blogging, podcasting...he's everywhere. Well, now help spread the media whore to your friends.

Co-host of the widely popular XOC Podcast and now pulling double duty, as Rob co-hosts the new Monster-Mania Radio, he often takes to Twitter to share his latest news, reviews or insults. Labeled as a "Twitter Comedian" (yes we know...everyone thinks they are), Rob is looking for YOUR help to "get me more followers!!"

T-shirt says:


Now, get your T-shirts - available in both Black or Red. T-shirts are only $10 for small-XL and $13 for XXL-XXXL plus shipping.

Order below and below and get on the bandwagon!

Black #SocialMediaWhore T-shirt
Black Sizes

Red #SocialMediaWhore T-shirt

Red Sizes

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