Tuesday, July 17, 2012

XOC Podcast #35 - "What are we doing here?"

XOC Podcast #35
"What are we doing here?"
Extreme Odd Couple Podcast

In another week of talking about Nothing, analyzing everything and trying to stay alive another week, Steve Corino and Rob Dimension finally ask the questions - "Are we men? What are we doing here? Is this it?" Maybe it was a wake up call, but the guys finally realize that they talk about NOTHING.

In only a podcast that can be described as ..."The Seinfeld of Podcasts", the Extreme Odd Couple hopes you will tune in, listen and laugh.

Visit the sites at http://www.worldofcorino.com/, http://www.robdimension.com/ and of course, http://www.xocpodcast.com/ - Look for them on Twitter @SteveCorino, @RobDimension and @XOCProducer...but only, if you would like...no pressure.

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