Thursday, May 10, 2012

No Clowning Around - My 1st Horror Short

No Clowning Around

Typically, I'm known more for my humor, than my serious side. I wanted to share part of my life, on film...sort of. Let me explain...

A few weeks ago, Kim (my Wife) and I were fortunate to be a part of "Cuts Right Over", a horror short by Matt Burd. Now, I've known Matt for years, probably close to 10, from our days working at WXW Pro Wrestling to having Matt be a part of Late Night at the Horror Hotel. Watching Matt's last short, "The Pizza Man" got me thinking more about trying to write and make my own short.

Kim and I had a blast on set, it was refreshing, after taking off quite a bit of time from acting. Sometimes real life takes over from the fake world. I stopped working in Wrestling, stopped writing reviews and only continued to work on our XOC Podcast, which continues to grow a strong following. Kim had a health scare in Nov and it sent us reeling. Now, healthy, it was time to get creative again.

If you listen to our podcast ( I have never shyed away from being truthful in my dealings with depression. Depression is a daily, tough battle. Never sure what triggers it, or when you can snap out of it. The best way to explain's day to day. No Clowning Around was basically, my battle...on paper, soon to be on film.

I have seen my fair share of shorts and features, good and bad. I have even been in some stinkers..but have also been fortunate to take part in some projects I'm extremely proud of. I am hoping you guys will follow the progress and join me in watching this short. Matt Burd, will be co-directing with me. I will be relying in some friends to help get this made. More details on who else will be involved will be coming soon.

Pre-production is underway now, with a shooting schedule in July. We are hopeful for an October release. Thanks to all!

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