Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Superfights" is a Martial Arts Masterpiece!


You ever stumble upon a movie that, only You talk about, so you try to tell more people just to share the sheer awesomeness? Me too!! That's my plan with this review...I plan to hype this film so huge, that once you watch it, you will want a Jack Cody Tattoo or maybe wish that Superfights was on TV weekly.

For years, growing up in the 80's I was glued to the television every Saturday afternoon, watching Shaw Brother's Kung Fu theater, then through the power of VHS, watching Enter the Ninja, Gymkata and even No Retreat, No Surrender (which has never been released on Dvd and IS a real crime). The fast paced, high energy martial artists, kicking, punching with the "smack" sound effect and story lines that seemed like backdrops for the action was why I loved those movies. The outrageous, ridiculousness of the punch power of the Boy with the Golden Arm or superfeats of the Crippled Masters (yes, you bet your ass I have this movie) was what movie magic was all about. You know the stories of the pupil that always wants to surpass the master....actually that sounds like almost every movie I enjoy! (I really need therapy)

Fast forward to 1995 and a 25 yr old, young Dimension is up late at night, flipping the channels of cable tv and I stumble upon this movie, the movie that inspired this write up, Superfights. I quickly look for the next showing because I HAVE to record this on a VHS tape. Using a book they called "The TV Guide", I set my VCR to record and everything is set. For the next several years I'm able to watch this throwback to corny, zany Karate action and I love every minute of it.

Let me give you the synopsis : Simple box boy Jack Cody is a karate dreamer. On his way home, Jack prevents a mugging and is thrust into stardom, instantly. Being offered a contract into the "Superfights", quite honestly, likened to WWE, that is all glitz and fame...on the outside. Cody quickly realizes it's an underground world of crime, drugs and a battle of good and evil.

That synopsis does not do this film any justice. With a really fimilar cast of Martial Arts veterans of 80's Kung Fu films, plus an appearance of a very young former ECW, WWE star Rob Van Dam and International Wrestling star Jim Steele (yep, Jungle Jim) this movie delivers on the action....and the cheese. Steroid usage, sex, shake downs of business owners and low level drug dealers (oh yeah...I said Shake Down) from this crooked Superfights promoter (geez, this kind of sounds like the Vince McMahin story) all make Superfights a plethera of happiness. Clearly not meant to be a comedy, it comes across so silly but for me, that's the charm for this movie.

From the amazing Kung Fu elderly master (all I could think of was Remo Williams) to the outlandish fellow super fighters. The fight scenes are what makes this movie so good, I'm serious about this. This movie is a must see! I wish I could could find Brandon Gaines, the lead, who only did this and not really anything else after, to sign my dvd.

Keep in mind, this movie will not be for everyone. In fact, I might be the only one this movie is for, but if you remember the action flicks that were built around fun, then you might really enjoy this one. It's a winner!!


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