Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Negadon: The Monster from Mars

NEGADON: Monster from Mars

Just had a chance to catch this 2005, Jun Awazu, completely computer animated feature Negadon (with a run time of only 25 minutes). Part, Anime and part throwback to the Daikaiju films of the 60's like a Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot or even Ultraman, Negadon has it's mini story wrapped around an epic Monster battle at the end. 

For only a 25 minute feature, it's a good mini episode story arc, the CGI is nicely done. As a fan of the 50-60's Sci-fi genre, this is a great homage. The biggest set back with this film is the actual cost of the dvd. Released by Central Park Media, with a huge $19.99 price tag, leaves this one often over looked. I was fortunate to nab this for $3. For $3, it's a great purchase.

Even better though, Central Park Media posted this feature with the English soundtrack on Youtube. You can now watch and decide for yourself, if this is indeed worth a few bucks. I'm glad to have the film in my collection. Enjoy

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