Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hitching up to go Downwardly Mobile

Hitching Up to go Downwardly Mobile
Roseanne back to NBC

If you listen to the XOCPodcast ( you will often hear me reference "the Connor's" from the Roseanne show. The popular sitcom that ran from 88-97 that documented a funny and clever look at a struggling family who had ups and downs. I grew to appreciate the show once I started a family of my own, realizing quickly that some of what was on screen was very real...the jokes made about bill collectors, taking chances and dealing with kids as they grow.

Roseanne Barr, The Domestic Goddess, started out as a stand up comic, who was never afraid to call it as she saw it. She has had success from her hit sitcom, that was both groundbreaking and controversal at times, to her Talk show, even to her own reality show, "Roseanne's Nuts". Well, it seem's the band is getting back together, as the ole' sayin' goes. John Goodman, who played Dan Connor will be partnering back up with Barr for a new show titled "Downwardly Mobile".

The show will have Barr star as the proprietor of a mobile home park who becomes a surrogate mother to its financially struggling residents. One can only assume that we will see a simialr style of humor seen in the popular Roseanne show. Since a majority of America is poor and struggling, this should help ease the tensions of everyone's money problems.

Sure, Roseanne has announced that she is running for President, which some will assume makes her "crazy"! What people may not know, Roseanne has written books (even children books), hosted events on Nickelodon and help break down standards for Women in the entertainment industry. Roseanne was notorious for hating Hollywood, for fighting the powers that be, for wanting control...I hope this lasts.

Selfishly, I also hope that Roseanne reaches out to Laurie Metcalf (who also has done some work on The Big Bang Theory), who played her sister Jackie on Roseanne. Plus, I wouldn't mind seeing Sara Gilbert, who played Darlene (also is on The Talk) back in a moody comedic role.....let's face it...this is going to be a lot of fun, I'm debating on buying a trailer and moving in!

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