Tuesday, January 24, 2012

XOC Podcast #12 - Runaway Insult Train...

XOC Podcast #12
"Runaway Insult Train"

On this episode of The Extreme Odd Couple, both Steve Corino and Rob Dimension are on edge. Insults are thrown right from the start.

Topics today discussed - Dimension tell's his Will Smith Screw Job story, can anyone trust this guy again?  Plus, Steve Corino starts off the "What If" segment with What If Magnum TA never had his accident...wait until you see where this one goes. Also, Corino makes it a point to bash Dimension's taste in almost everything. Dimension talks Stoogeum, Joe PA is brought up...plus...what do unclog a drain with? Our own, DIY Dimension shares his knowledge...or lack off.

The guys also play the game - "Who would you bang?" This time, through the eyes of Jack Tripper from Three's Company. Who's safe? Who's the clinger? We're sure you've thought of it before.

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