Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Stoogeum Visit - Don't Be a Lame Brain!! You gotta go!

The Stoogeum
by: Rob Dimension

So many afternoons in front of the television spent with my 3 friends...sure they were stooges but, we shared a lot of laughs. Still today, you can stumble across some form of 3 Stooges on Tv, from the many, many shorts, to possibly an appearance on Scooby Doo (hey, I try not to miss an episode).

I was completely shocked, as you might have heard on our XOCPodcast ( when I found out about the 3 Stooges Museum, what was even more of a was 2 minutes from my House!! The Stoogeum is tucked in a small business area of Spring House, PA, maybe 20 minutes from Philadelphia. From one Stooge to is well worth the trip.

I head out with @BroccoliRob11 who has become a bit of a fan of the Stooges hyjinks too. This is a Free museum, but runs by your donations. Trust me when I say, it was clean, family friendly and well worth the trip.

A 100 seated Theater with classic 3 Stooges short films playing all day long. Movie Memorabilia from every era, every stooge. From the early Ted Healey days, to the bitter end of a an amazing legacy. Everything from lobby cards to Puppets. Video games, that are free to play...(of course I had to try my hand at some Stooges pinball!!). You can retrace the history...look at their contracts, uncashed of all kinds.

 Regardless of your knowledge of 3 Stooges, chances are, you have sat and watched them in some form. Currently, on you can watch the made for Tv movie, The Three Stooges, which isn't 100% factual, it gives you an idea on how much they did for the love of laughter. Thats the key here folks...Laughter. Grab the Wife, bring the kids and head out to the the Stoogeum...or I'll poke you in the eyes!!

The Stoogeum
904 Sheble Lane
Spring House, PA

They are open 1 day per month from 10am-3pm

Check the website for details and tell em that wise guy, Rob Dimension sent ya...Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk...


  1. I was there on Saturday too! Crazy.

    1. No way...were you? We got there about 10:30 and left around 2pm. It was so much fun.