Thursday, January 12, 2012

High Scores Arcade is my Graceland!!

High Scores Arcade is my Graceland!!

Being middle aged (I'm 41, eat bad and hate working reaching 80 is a stretch) the days of visiting the classic arcades is something I miss a lot. Walking into dim lit happiness, the sounds of quarters dropping and the joyful shots being fired by Galaga are memories from yesterday...or so I thought!!

I had caught wind of an arcade in Burlington, NJ (which is about 30 minutes from my house) made this a journey of EPICNESS. On Friday, I grabbed Kim (@KimDimension) & good ole' Broccoli Rob (@BroccoliRob11) and set forth on any gamers destiny to High Scores become one with game (cue Star Wars Imperial March music).

High Scores Interactive Arcade is nestled in a very nice business district, amongst rows of small, personable businesses. The place is small, so driving by, you can miss it, but's perfect. Upon walking in, I hear Star Wars Cantina disco remix, I'm thrust instantly back to my early teen years and my pocket that is holding my $6 in $1's, feels the need to find the change machine.

I snoop around a bit, while Kim heads directly for BurgerTime and Broccoli Rob looks for Donkey Kong in hopes to dethrone the likes of Billy Mitchell or Steve Weibe. I seek the owners and meet Shawn and Meg, who are extremely nice and genuine. They give me the tour, showing my some of these treasures, while my mouth waters, plus..what I enjoyed, was how each game had a personal story behind it. Shawn, see's Broccoli Rob's interest in Donkey Kong and offers him a lesson, which was awesome. He explained the levels, insider tips and gave him some hope. Meg, was showing off her skills at Star Wars, saying she was "pretty good, but some of the best players in the world have mopped the floor with her scores".

This is the part I enjoyed the today's economy, it's important to find some entertainment that is fun, cheap and has something to offer everyone in the fmaily. High Scores Aracde is just that...very family friendly. The games are classic, at classic prices...25 and 50 cents per play. The staff is friendly, knowledgable and make you feel at home. For our family...we spent $20 total and played for 2 hours. You simply can not beat was a blast. Such a blast in fact, we went back on Saturday night and played another 2 hours.

Look for High Scores on Facebook  

High Scores Arcade
348 High Street
Burlington, New Jersey
Hours (Fri 6-10pm & Sat 2pm-10pm)

Now, go play, have fun and remember to Insert Coin!!

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  1. Sounds like a cool place. I remember having many good times when I was younger playing games in WildWood at GateWay26.

    Recently I checked out Barcade in Fishtown, it pretty cool but needs a few more machines cause it gets packed.