Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dimension gets Jerky...Sizzle chest!

This week, I had a chance to give The Jerky Boys Podcast show a call. Being a fan since 1994, I could not wait to talk with Johnny Brennan. Some people will instantly know Brennan from his work on The Family Guy as Mort Goldman, having been a part of the Hugely popular show since the start in 2001.

I have been listening to the newly launched podcast since the start and it brings back some fond memories of long trips, just laughing my ass off while I'd drive. From Frank Rizzo to Jack Tors, but my favorite character from Brennan has to be Sol Rosenberg. Sol (pictured left) captures the innocence of an older man, who always seems to end up in trouble. 

In addition to asking Brennan some questions about the Jerky Boys past, I ask him to play Sol's Mishap....easily my favorite bit. Sol has a firecracker go off in his hand...and hilarity ensues. 

Want to listen? Ok snapper....Here is the iTunes link  

Also visit http://www.thejerkyboys.com/ and follow Johnny on Twitter @JerkyBoysJohnny

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