Monday, December 26, 2011

XOC Podcast #9 - Extreme Odd Couple - The Fighting Continues....

XOC Podcast #9
The Extreme Odd Couple
"The Fighting Continues...."

Just because it's the holidays, don't expect Steve Corino and Rob Dimension to get along. 

Corino fresh from his most recent tour of Japan and coming off, quite possibly his biggest match of his career, facing Kevin Steen, holds nothing back about his feelings on ROH. The controversy surrounding the "Chair Shots" plus his impression of what happened during that match!

Rob Dimension, offers Corino a gift...and thinks about taking things "Virtual". The discussion about the ECW Arena, their favorite moments and what's next. Dimension also tries to give his "Best of 2011" movies and TV shows and Corino cuts him off....can these guys agree about anything? Lots of fun will be had during this one...

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