Tuesday, December 13, 2011

XOC Podcast #7 - Re-Booking WCW 2001 (The Ultimate Save?)

XOC Podcast#7
Re-Booking WCW 2001 (The Ultimate Save?)

This week's episode starts off with Steve Corino admitting he has written a script. Dimension finally makes Corino divulge his story writing ability...wait til you see for what Tv show finale he could have re-written history for....hahaha....poor Steve.

Plus, part 1 of a 2 part segment for all you Pro Wrestling fans that wanted to hear what an experienced booker & someone who really knows about the business. Steve Corino along with Rob Dimension rebook WCW during the closing era including ECW and the Independents...if they could stop Vince McMahon, could they pull off the "Ultimate Save"? This gives you an Insider's Look at what could have changed the landscape of Professional Wrestling FOREVER.

This is one episode, you do not want to miss! Plenty of information and honesty. Do you agree? Have your own idea? Visit XOCPodcast.com or tweet @XOCProducer on Twitter..plus follow @SteveCorino and @RobDimension for more of the #XOCPodcast.

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