Tuesday, December 6, 2011

XOC Podcast #6 - "The Challenge"

XOC Podcast #6
"The Challenge"

We start off Decemeber with Steve Corino throwing out a challenge for Rob Dimension...BUT...in order for Dimension to accept, we need YOU to convince him. Are you up for some fun? Just send a tweet to @XOCProducer, @SteveCorino and @RobDimension and get the ball rolling.

It's Christmas time and the guys figured it seemed right to let each other know, what they each want for Christmas. Plus, what was the Christmas gift YOU always wanted, but never got? We have some input from some Twitter followers too. See if your name and gift are discussed....

Steve Corino shares his hatred for The DMV and what it feels like to have to poop on a crowded bus. Also, get the kids ready for "Sex Advice with Rob and Steve". Let's be serious, these guys should NEVER advise anyone on anything, especially sex.

Help spread the word!! Enjoy!

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