Monday, December 12, 2011

My Own Personal Demon

My Own Personal Demon

You know...Steve Corino challenging me to a Bowling match has made me relive and look back at past experiences. If you do not listen to The Extreme Odd Couple Podcast, then you aren't aware of what's going on. You aren't aware of my past...well..let me share some things...

I was a Professional Bowler in the early 90's...yes..a full fledged, card carrying member. I went to PBA school in Florida and passed with flying colors. I know..crazy right? You need to go to school to be a professional bowler...well, you used too...things have changed..but back to the story.

So, for the past 12 years, Steve Corino, my hosting partner for the XOCPOdcast, has been bragging to me about his Bowling skills...and I often just laugh and ignore his challenges. Think about how often the tables are turned on him and some goof challenges him to a Wrestling match. It happens...especially when you are perceived to be good at something. My history with Bowling is a rocky road filled with Love, Laughter and Hate.

I grew to hate the game/sport..not just hate..but HATE. For so many years it consumed my life. I owned my own business within Bowling, I traveled the US because of Bowling (even moving my family cross country several times). The weekend excursions to tournaments, the bowling in 2 leagues...the pressure. Yep, pressure to always improve. You have to understand, Bowling is a personal demon for me..I'm always looking over my shoulder (I know, this sounds insane or silly) waiting to be drawn back into it......and the itch is returning.

My Wife, Kim, whom I actually met in a Bowling center, asked me yesterday "Are you going to accept the challenge?"......I looked at her and didn't have an answer. She noticed I was beginning to scour the Net looking for current information....searching for a reason to say "Yes". I made money Bowling, it supported my family for many, many years. The sport has been good to me, it made me stronger by always putting pressure on ME, no one else. It's a personal sport...not a team's all on YOU.

Now you know how deep the Challenge is going...I have stated I will make an announcement in Jan. Until then...I try to keep the Demon at bay.

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