Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Extreme Odd Couple Podcast #3 - Homemade Porn??

Episode #3
"Homemade Porn??"

I know, the title scares me too. This week, on The Extreme Odd Couple Podcast, Rob Dimension and Steve Corino discuss plenty of more nonsense. After having a record number of downloads for last weeks show, the guys decided it was time to step up their game.

After weeks of being berated to do so by Corino, Dimension finally sits down and watches "Wilfred". Also, these tow shut in's don't leave their houses, so what else was on this week's viewing?? Kitchen Nightmare's? Wait...why is Corino upset with Curb Your Enthusiasm?

Homemade Porn is a shocking subject...listen to how Corino deals with shopping in "an Adult Store" and why Dimension will NEVER succeed at his own porn. If your day wasn't ackward enough...be glad these two are NOT handling sex education.

The Philadelphia Phillies are a topic again..plus - Attention Pro Wrestling fans!! Corino and Dimension have insight for the "new guy" in the locker room, plus a heads up for Promoters on "...drawing a bigger house".

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