Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Extreme Odd Couple Podcast #2 - Strike Two

The Extreme Odd Couple Podcast #2
Strike Two

Enemies til the end, Rob Dimension and Steve Corino make the second attempt to be civil and discuss topics they they can argue about.

This week - "Comedy Movies They Are Watching" - Some on the list will be no brainers, while others will have you scratching your head. Dimension shares his list, while Corino makes it a point to make fun and threaten to put Dimension "On His List". They also discuss some Comedy specials, while Cori no is still convinced Dimension is setting him up to fail.

The guys talk - Philadelphia Phillies - the free agency market, what changes need to be made to the line up, who should stay and who should go. Will Ryan Howard be ready, Jim Thome signing and why Ryne Sandberg is NOT a Head Coach. Dimension also exposes Corino's love for Ryne...he is on his top 5 (figure it out)

They wrap the show with "The Question of the Week", plus their favorite tweets of the week. This is another Can't Miss episode. Sit back and get ready for The Extreme Odd Couple. As also, please subscibe, rate and review, if you can. Visit WorldofCorino.com and http://www.robdimension.com/

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