Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dimension's Horrible Podcast #6

Dimension's Horrible Podcast
Episode #6

This week, those two lovable Horror critics and reviewers take off the gloves and come out swingin'. Rob Dimension describes his Ghouligans experience from this past weekend...and how he eneded up in Manhattan. Plus, he goes where no one should EVER go...he gets connected with The Human Centipede 2, plus he watches the Canadian film Pontypool.

Sal Valante delivers his reviews of 2 different Comic Trades - Creature Tech and Wormwood: Calamari Rising. Plus, sits idle while Dimension talks Centipede...he is NOT a fan. Wait til you hear his opinion.

The guys discuss Horror on TV including this past week's - Grimm and The Walking Dead. Is the Walking Dead losing a step? Are the guys about to turn to Sex in the City instead?? You better listen!

Horror News and Dvd releases are highlighted also and honestly...wait til you hear what they are making into TV shows!!'s insane...Will the guys give into the Horror Gods?? Tune in to this episode of Dimension's Horrible Podcast!!

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