Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dimension's Horrible Podcast #5 - After the Sugar High!!

Dimension's Horrible Podcast #5
After the Sugar High!!

Philadelphia Horror Host, YouTube Celebrity and #TwitterComedian, Rob Dimension has eaten way to much Candy!! Former ECW Superstar, Zombie Master Big Sal Valente can only sit on watch as Dimension has a sugar crash during the podcast!!

Spoilers!!! Be warned...the guys discuss Paranormal Activity 3, The Walking Dead, Grimm and much more...This might be the best episode yet!! (thats just the guys opinions...they're often wrong).

Spanning the board from Trick or Treating, to crazy Target shoppers, Why Kevin James and Steve Carell can't make a funny movie??? Sure we know this has nothing to do with Horror, but you had to feed them Chocolate!!

Hang on to your seats...sit back and enjoy the run away train...

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