Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dimension's Horrible Podcast #4 - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Dimension's Horrible Podcast
Episode #4 - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Self proclaimed YouTube Celebrity and Twitter Comedian, Rob Dimension returns with his "Truly" Horrible Podcast. Dimension's Horrible Podcast talks about the finer things in Horror...ok, that's a lie. Dimension is joined by The Zombie Master, well Master of at least his house, Sal Valente. The duo claim to NOT be professionals, after will no doubt agree.

For the 4th episode, the guys celebrate Halloween the only way they know about Cryptozoology? Because when you think Halloween, you think Goat Boy from Wisconsin...of course you do. From the stories of Bigfoot, The Jersey Devil to the Urban Legends of the World, the guys even dabble into the Paranormal....and possibly some booze.

Too show how health conscience they are, Dimension and Sal add up the pounds of Halloween treats ingested, be warned..Diabetes may be developed listening to this Podcast. Traditions, prefered viewing and more round outr some of the fun of Halloween talk.

To close the show, these two professionals discuss this week's Horror News. Whats out in theaters, what's coming out on dvd and what Independent's are making waves amongst the masses of Horror fans.

Sit back for the next 75 minutes, listen to the sheer and enjoy the hottest podcast on the Internet, well, if you only listen to THIS podcast. Our audience is been begging and begging for this episode..too end...for more information, visit

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