Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dimension's Horrible Podcast #2 - Attack of the Drones

Dimension's Horrible Podcast #2 
"Attack of the Drones" 

 Rob Dimension is again, joined by Sal Valente and this time they discuss "How to Survive in the Zombie Apocolypse" for if and when the end finally arrives.

 Helpful marketing ideas for up and coming Film Makers on how to get "noticed", this is really a "how to" for thinking ahead and looking past the end of the production.

Dimension revisits Adam Green's Hatchet 2..the good the bad and the campy plus, Sal review's Steve Jackson's Munchkin Zombies, the newest expansion to the extremely popular game. Sal's Netflix pick is "Robo Geisha" plus, head over to for more!!

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