Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rob Dimension's Video review - The Basement VHS/Dvd set

Rob Dimension Video Blog/Review
The Basement - VHS/Dvd set

Rob Dimension is back and again, Rob's Wife, Kim joins Hack and the newest staff member & movie reviewer Danny Pickle, in a look at the newest release in Shot on Video Horror - The Basement. This 5 movie set contains a special edition VHS, plus a dvd of Tim O'Rawes "The Basement, plus you get Video Violence 1&2, Captives, Cannibal Campout. Tons of stuff for every Horror lover. For info visit Alternativecinema.com and check out The Dimension's at RobDimension.com

Also, don't forget, Thursday Sept 22 at 7pm - The Next PA/NJ Horror Club meeting. We will be screening The Twisted Twins (Jen and Sylvia Soska) film - Dead Hooker in a Trunk. Also, look for both, Rob and Kim at Monster-mania 20 in Hunt Valley, MD (http://www.monstermania.net/)

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  1. Such an impressive set, I did a pretty extensive review of it: