Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crestfallen - think twice, cut once

Crestfallen review

Jeremiah Kipp is the real deal folks. Crestfallen is a silent, short 6 minute griping look at coping with life. Actress Deneen Melody proves her range and ability as she exposes her feelings to the viewer through her genuine portrayal of a Wife who finds her Husband has betrayed her.

Dominick Sivilli just makes shot for shot so epic and captivating that you are simply speechless. It's almost like the perfect storm. The lighting, the mood...everything is captured. Jeremiah Kipp continues to assemble himself with a team that are bound for bigger and better.

This was my 1st time seeing Deneen Melody infront of the camera and she had my attention. I truly think she has the "it" factor, she has the nice girl next door look and the striking beauty that makes her a pleasure to watch.

Hats off to Kipp and crew on a well done short that tells a story without ever speaking a word.

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