Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Quest to Interview Film Maker, Kevin Smith

My Quest to Interview Film Maker, Kevin Smith

As we close in on another year, I was told as a Golden rule, to set some goals. In the latest Mooch Minute, I named several future goals I would like to reach, but left one out, something that I will call “My Quest”.

Quest - [noun] a search for an alternative that meets cognitive criteria; "the pursuit of love"; "life is more than the pursuance of fame"; "a quest for wealth"

I figured, in case you we unsure of the meaning of Quest a definition would help. While many would simply say, “Rob, is it really a quest?” Most would probably think that this might be a passing request or something that could be as easy as an email request (already did that); handled behind the scenes...I am here to enlighten you on the reason for “The Quest”.

Kevin Smith, the man behind such cult classics like Clerks 1&2, Mallrats, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Chasing Amy and even Zack and Miri Make a Porno. He has shown that the everyday, average Joe can make it. Many find inspirations in various spots like paintings, poetry, movies. For me, it’s sometimes what other achieve is the greatest inspiration…for me, Kevin Smith has cracked the code for geeks worldwide, has reached his goal and continues to look for more.

Smith, originally known for his foul mouthed, View Askew Universe comedies is becoming someone who shares his life on many levels and proves self Humor can be the key to continued success. This is the same Kevin Smith who pokes fun at himself for his weight problems, films that have been considered bombs and goes as far to document his love affair for Fleshlights. While honesty is supposedly the best policy (at least that’s what we have been told our entire lives) so few actually follow this in modern life.

Each week, I will document on film, through pictures and on the podcast my Quest to meet and interview Kevin Smith. If you are on Twitter, follow Kevin at @thatkevinsmith and let him know, Rob Dimension just wants a few minutes of his time. With Smith releasing Red State, the timing is perfect for me; I report and review Horror Movies!! I’m perfect for this…plus, those that know me..I am a HUGE Kevin Smith fan, collecting his films (yes, even the bad ones), reading his books, buying his merch…I want to talk to Kevin and ask the questions for ALL OF US! If he is so unhappy with some much of the media…I’m his guy!!

So, if you want to help me on this quest…retweet me, email me, message me…follow me..Whatever you can do. Have an idea? Let me know…wanna help? Let me know. Smith will be in our area in March/April. Will I get my chance? Stay tuned and find out.

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  1. Did you ever read that blog of mine from way back where I tried(and eventually got) to get him a copy of my first flick?

    If not, I'll get ya the link. It's kind of funny.

  2. Hey Kevin, send me the link Sir!! Happy Holidays to you as well