Sunday, December 12, 2010

Social Stalking in the newest chapter - “Your Guide to Social Networking”

“Your Guide to Social Networking”

Chapter 7

“Are you a STALKER?”

Well, here we are, back to another chapter for “Your Guide to Social Networking” and this time the topic is one that hits very close for me, Social Stalking. This is a whopper of a topic, since online networking has become so popular, it seems every creep (Male and Female) have found a new home. It’s always great to see a comment made on your status or when someone “Likes” your photo, but some people cannot see the boundaries. Trust me….the boundary line is there and most often, people cross it.

We are all obsessed with “Friends”, Followers and fan pages (btw: join Mine). The cyber connection has become so easy that the line for reality has become a blur. I have my phone connected to my Twitter, my Twitter connected to my Facebook and my knee bone connected to…oh wait…sorry. It’s the world we have created; people have made a point to notify others of every little happening in they’re life. We are all guilty, hell; I have made Facebook and Twitter my playground for lies and embellished stories….yes, sorry to ruin the mystic, I lie A LOT. Posting “Taking a nap” is not Earth shattering but apparently you feel that others should know exactly what you are doing, every minute, of every day. As stated before, most are only happy to see you miserable, refer back to previous chapters to stay up to date; after all I am writing this for YOU.

The “Friend Request” - I hate the term Friend Request; this is the coined phrase to build a base on Facebook. How it works, primarily I have to “accept” your request in order to see what you’re posting on Facebook, which will now be referred to as “The FB”, it’s shorter and it’s what the cool kids say (or so I was told). The Friend Request seems so odd to me, how often in life have you ever met someone and made this request – “I want to be your friend…do you accept?”…never, unless you are a potential social idiot, then you have more problems than I can help with.

The biggest problem with the “Friend Request” is that just because I accept it, does not mean we are Friends. Don’t get me wrong, I have made several acquaintances via online and some have actually become “Real Life” friends so there is potential here. Being someone’s friend takes time and work plus it has to build, it is not a push of the button. I will discuss the "Denied vs. Not Now" debate at a later time.

Followers – does anyone else hate “Following” anyone as much as me? I really enjoy Twitter but I got news for you…I’m a leader, not a follower. Again, I am stuck accepting this terrible choice of words that places me in a bind. I would rather “Online Associate” instead or even “Cyber Pal”; any chance we can change this? As most though, follow me @RobDimension (I know it was cheap but write your own damn guide).

Excessive Commenting – this is where the Stalking starts. You post a comment or photo and boom…your cell phone blows up each and every time with notifications. Do you have those 1 or 2 specific people that comment on every little thing you post? Are they creepin’ on you? Please, don’t take this the wrong way; I love the interacting as much as the next celebrity…although, if you comment constantly on people’s status, photos or comments, then maybe you need an mental evaluation.

It’s great to share conversation with people about what you did or think or even took a photo of, but once again, there is a line and it is there.

Below is a simple test to see if you are in fact, a Social Stalker:

• If you feel the need to tag people CONSTANTLY – Then you are a stalker

• If you post “Good Morning Sweetheart” on someone’s page whom you have never met and only know via online – Then you’re a Creepy, Stalker (Double Threat)

• If you comment, like and/or drool over every status update/photo or activity from a cyber “Friend”– Then you are a stalker

• If you send private message asking if they are married, personal questions or irrelevant observations – Then you are a Stalker

• If you do NOT personally know your online “Friend” and visit their page more than 2 times a day – Then you are a Stalker

• If you request your “Friend’s” significant other and/or child – You are not just a Stalker but need a Life.

• If you feel the need to send a picture of your Junk to someone’s inbox (unless you’re a hot female and It’s too me) – Then you are a Stalker

• If you show up at my door, holding a weapon – Then we will be friends until the Police arrive

So once again, if you think you are on someone’s page too often, back off a little. Unless you look like Sharon Stone (1992, not now) then most people don’t want to be stalked. These Guidelines can help in everyday life; I am available for motivational speaking affairs.


  1. Yikes--now, do I comment, or does that risk being branded a stalker?
    I did have a cyber-stalker at one point back when I first started blogging. A real sick troll. I had a blog about psych issues and he would make sexual comments in spite of knowing that I had been a victim of sexual assault. I eventually had to destroy my original blog because of him.

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