Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Mooch Minute

The Mooch Minute
Decemeber 16,2010
by - The Mooch

Well, interest has been high about the new show...which is great. I guess from my stand point, the nerves are starting to twitch, you know...the bubble guts.

When we started Late Night at the Horror Hotel we had nothing to lose, we were new so failure would be easy to accept. Not that we are popular, award winning or even winners at this point, but we still made some waves since March. This time around, we are doing something much different, so I look at it as a bigger challenge. We are working on this new show, writing, directing and editing is all on us.

Lately, I feel like I have been on Kevin Smith overload, hey....we each find our own motivation differently. His style of films, from jokes to content just fit my current mindset. While writing, I look for the potty humor, the things that people over look and what doesn't matter to almost everyone...matters to me. Kinda weird, could be me hitting 40 this year, but my train of thought seems to be reverting backwards...haha. Very childish.

Anyways, as we embark on another weekend of filming....let's see where this road leads us. Hopefully, anyone that enjoyed Late Night will now take a look at NecroCOMICon.....we are trying to give you something different, yet fimilar...if that makes sense.

Say....can I borrow $5???

The Mooch

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