Friday, December 24, 2010

Mooch Minute 12/24/10 Naughty or Nice???

Mooch Minute 12/24/10 Naughty or Nice?

The fat man should be doin' his thang tonight, you know...goin' from house to house, eatting your cookies and stealing wallets...what? Oh, I meant Fat Tony, yeah...Santa is coming too. Is it too late to decide if you have been naughty or nice now? Been a doucher all year? Knocked up a couple under-age girls?...ummm..yeah, me either.

I think being naughty or nice is in the eye of the wrong or good do'er. Let's speak from experience...The Mooch, well, I have been a 50/50 split. Not always doing the right thing, but never doing the wrong thing...see what I did there? All in all, it's been a great year and I always give thanks this time of year.

Big thanks goes out to John Cannon and Sal Valente, without both of these guys, nothing that has happened this year would have gotten done. I have always been a guy that doesn't forget where I came from, so for those two guys, I wish them nothing but the best..seriously.

Opportunities have come my way, but I have worked my ass off to get a lot of them. I am looking forward into 2011 and see a great future. Things I want to achieve in 2011:

  • Learn the editing process more
  • Write and direct a short film
  • Build our Podcast to large listening fan base
  • Have one of the most fun TV/Web series out
  • Get more involved in the Comic industry
  • Act in at least 5 films
  • Perform Stand Up Comedy

Ok, so as you can see...big list, but I am pretty focused. Merry Christmas everyone....Enjoy your time with your families!!

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