Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mooch Minute 12/23/10 - Angry Shoppers & On Your List

Mooch Minute 12/23/10 - Angry Shoppers & On Your List

Tis the season to be, so the Mooch took his little ones to the mall last night. I am always shocked by people's anger around the holidays, I mean..I am angry all the time, it's not seasonal. From the loss of the common "Thank you" and " Excuse me" to just being downright shitty. I think the best way to look at the Holidays is : If you are pissed that you have to give gifts, then don't give them. It's that simple. Gift giving is a way to show thanks, admiration or out of friendship.

Mooch thought - if you are heading out shopping between now and Christmas eve...up until 5pm or whenever the store closes, be nice. Remember the people working have lives, the other shoppers are feeling the pinch, just like you. Take the extra second and say "Thanks" or "Excuse me"...just how I recognized that those people didn't...maybe someone will recognize that you did!

What's on your list? For the's gonna be a very Smchistmas..if that's even pronouncable. When we made the recent trip over to Kevin Smith's comic shop in Red Bank, NJ...Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, I grabbed a bunch of stuff for Christmas...not just for me, but for the entire family.

Here are a few of the items:
  • Monroeville Zombies Sweatshirt
  • Night of the Living Kev (Autographed zombie version InAction figure)
  • Clerks Lunch Box (1 for ea of my kids ...they were $5 look awesome)
  • Older Yet None the Wiser (InAction figure)
  • Jay and Silent Bob T shirt (for my son...)
  • Clerks T shirt (for my lovely Wife)
  • My Boring Ass Life Book by Smith
  • plus a few other dvds, odds and ends....
Whats crazy...I will head over again and grab some more stuff. I actually want to Clerks X dvd set, the 10 year anniversary release..I only see it over I still want a Mooby's Sweatshirt, I am a big fan of Clerks 2. I know, crazy stuff...what can I say...the dude's an inspiration for someone like me - this is how I see myself (not self loathing at all either, just realistic) - I am a new film maker, I will call myself that...I write about what I know and involve my friends and instead of just talking about it...I'm doing it.

Not sure if another Mooch Minute will be up before Christmas but if not - Merry Christmas to all

Say....can I borrow a couple of bucks???

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