Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mooch Minute 12/22/10 Epic Fail from the Inside

Mooch Minute 12/22/10 Epic Fail from the Inside

Well, The Pig and Mooch sat down and we completed our 1st Podcast yesterday. The topic was Dungeons and Dragons, who we could see as the spokesperson, players, how we got started and much more. Good time but we are already thinking of ways to improve it. It should be up by tomorrow (Thursday)

Would anyone want to SEE us do the podcast? You could WATCH or listen...interested? We are looking for your feedback, so be a part of the fun.

Christmas will be here, just a handful of hours away now...what are you getting? What do you want? I have a special gift that I am requesting...I won't get it in one day...I will have to work for it. More info later....stay safe from rabbid shoppers!

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